About Us

Artistically.in is a creative space online for artists; painters, sculptors, digital artists, photographers and other artists who engage any other creative endeavors.  This is a place to showcase their work, sell and create a customer base to find meaning in their work, share a message and support themselves.

Got started by technology driven art enthusiasts, this model let’s artists own their online channel by adding pictures of their artwork, price them and understand the demand. We also provide the business intelligence, promotional ideas and help in maximizing revenue to each artist we work with.

While providing access to a platform to take part in promotional activities and enhance artist’s network, artistically.in also promotes itself to grow the customer base making the idea commercially viable.

Join, share your ideas and grow.

To join, send us an enquiry, we’ll set up a shop for you, walk you through the process and support 24/7.

The Story

Though not with many artists, exploitation happens when artists do not realize the value of their work, are compelled to work for a living and never realizes the actual potential of their skills, Artistically.in is creative endeavor to directly and transparently promote the artwork from the artists.

The promotion, marketing and sales efforts behind Artistically.in is fueled by passion for real art work, community engagement and growth ideas for all.

Manju Nair

Manju Nair


Artistically is founded with the sole purpose of promoting different art works from across a variety of channels.