” Bird & Child”

Rs 40,000.00

Artist: Ashok Kumar Gopalan
Title:” Bird & Child”
Medium: Ink on paper
Size: 28″ X 22″ (Each) Two Panel

As an artist, Ashok draws his energy from his specific locale.

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These contemporary paintings look into the present times includes, and develops from, postmodern art, which is itself a successor to modern art. This artwork is a genuine, first hand work. The painting can be sent as a high resolution soft copy or printed on canvas or paper as per the client’s requirements. Please do not reproduce the work without written permission from the artist. Any work reproduced in any form is strictly prohibited by Indian copyright law. ┬áPlease contact us to buy or learn more about this work.


As an artist, I draw my energy from my specific locale. I get inspired from the spectrum of social ambience, flora and fauna, local philosophy, rustic wisdom, cuisine, social criticism bordering on a strident sarcasm. Kerala’s regionalism, dialects, extinct species, geographical peculiarities, profound anxieties and deep sighs, all these determine the trajectory of my work. A complex linear interplay of this phantasmagoria provide the ideal sounding board for my art to take off in its projection and journey towards globalization. Voyeurism is the leitmotif here, as I visualize the images through multiple angles that constitute the very essence of my visual academics.

After my sojourn at Bangalore, l currently practice art in a rural hamlet of northern Kerala. All tensions and dissonances characteristic of the city find their resonance in rural spaces as well through mute wars and a suppressed violence.


Ashok Kumar Gopalan


Ink on Paper